New friends:-)

Before Christmas I joined a group called WAY – Widowed and young. It is a group for people widowed up to the age of fifty, and is an opportunity to talk to people in a similar situation. It is surprising how many of us there are at times. Even before I qualified for membership I knew a few young widows (for the sake of simplicity, I’ll use that as a generic term), despite not really noticing just how many I did know.

You may also remember that at Christmas I said I was looking more for reasons to say yes to invites, and to grasp opportunities that present a little more. So following some discussions on the group forum I “organised” a meet today. I was a little twitchy about anyone turning up, but quite a few did and we had a fab few hours, and we have loose thoughts of a few more meets.

What I will say is that if any of you that have friends in a similar situation, mention WAY to them. They may find it useful, they may choose not to join. Just let them know.

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