Two more firsts

Hi All. Given how I haven’t exactly been backwards when it comes to landmarks, you will probably have been wondering why I didn’t say anything about mother’s day. Those closer will understand that there was a second landmark right on the heels of it, and I wanted to just do the one. Yes, it would have been Susanne’s birthday yesterday.

Thanks to all that have been in touch, here, privately or in real life.

To say it has been strange would be putting it mildly – for the last month or so I would normally have been sneaking around a little arranging presents, cards and flowers. That secrecy normally drove my organisation somewhat so I was a little later than normal ordering the flowers for my mum and Susanne’s mum.

At school Reece was still involved in the card making, but he made the card for my mum instead.

Sunday I deliberately didn’t make too much fuss in the morning. Both boys knew what the day was, so I didn’t remind them too much. We had a visit from one of Susanne’s old friends at lunchtime then we went round to see Susanne’s mum for a bit, then off up to my mum’s – basically what we would normally do, but with a quieter morning.

Robert was Robert – he has shown very little emotion, but that’s the way he is.

I told Reece I was proud of him. He had a couple of moments but managed the day fabulously well.

Onto yesterday. This was probably the strangest one. Susanne’s birthday was always the one I like to make a fuss of her on. Of all the events through a year that we mark, a birthday is the one that’s just about them. Everything else is shared – Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day. They all apply to at least someone else.

As we got up, again I deliberately said nothing to the boys, as I didn’t want either swinging it to try to get a day off.

To mark the day we all (Susanne’s parents, my parents, my brothers me and the boys) all went out for a curry at our favourite Indian – The Mahabharat Restaurant in Hindley. A few Chicken Tikka Tangas were consumed, and a few glasses of red were drunk in her memory.

As per Mother’s day, Robert was Robert, and Reece had a couple of moments. He has been told I am proud of him.

Today at school Reece came home with a little present he had made for Susanne – he wanted to do something for her.

We are now coming up for six months. We have got most of the firsts out of the way now. All that are left for the three of us really now are our wedding anniversary in June, Our first Summer Holiday (Still not decided what we should do) and then the first anniversary in September.

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