My 50th Birthday

Eek! Facebook tells me its 154 comments. Thank you all – it has helped brighten my day significantly, even if it felt like I spent the whole morning liking them all. Apologies if I didn’t like your particular greeting – they were coming thick and fast so one or two may have got through!

To say I wasn’t particularly looking forwards would be your standard English understatement, at Olympic standard. You all know the year I have had, and that I’ll be glad to see that back of it.

That said, it’s not been too bad considering I was expecting to be a gibbering wreck. I’ve had a couple of moments, but I can see them coming a lot better.

We went out for a Spanish meal last night – my mum booked it and kept the destination secret. That was quite amusing as I had to drive there, and mum hadn’t been before so she didn’t know where we were going either. We got there eventually though!

Quite a nice variety of dishes and an incredibly sweet desert – must have had a whole bag of sugar in it!

When I got home there was a balloon tied to the door knocker, and a card through the door. When I opened it this morning it was from all my neighbours. I have fab neighbours. You can tell I live in the north 

I had planned to head into Manchester or the markets today, but the hobble made me reconsider it, and I decided not to. So instead I spent the day tidying a little more – Hey do I know how to party? A little music helped somewhat!

There’s a few more black bags to go soon.

I’ll probably have a couple of visitors over the next few days, but the first Christmas visitors proper are planned for next Wednesday – one of Reece’s friends is popping round for the evening. I need to try to persuade Reece to tidy his room a little more yet, and a few of Robert’s friends are here the week after. I see more tidying in my immediate future!

This evening was the boys’ swimming lessons (That’s why we went out last night) so was the simple pasty tea with my parents. My brothers came up for cake afterwards.

I have a couple of new CDs starting to fill a couple of gaps I noticed in my recent cataloging, A couple of cycling related books, including Geraint Thomas’s book, a magazine subscription and some nice bottle cages to help dress up my best bike. They’ll be fitted by lunchtime tomorrow 

Overall, it has been quite a lot better than I expected.

Anyway, I have been quite a lot brighter than I was expecting, so I think I am turning a corner, ready to start the new year.

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