First night out without Susanne

Those of you I mentioned it to beforehand will know I felt more than a hint of trepidation. My first proper, planned night out in a VERY long time, and it was to our favourite rock n roll club and with our favourite band.

I was concerned it may have been a little overwhelming, knowing it was a sellout as well, but everyone was fab – it it a cracking club, with lots of fab people. I am not going to tag everyone I spoke to, or who hugged or kissed me, as there were so many that I’d forget someone.

Bob and Gary – you guys lead the club, so it is down to you guys. Thank you both – top blokes. The word from you on behalf of the club are much appreciated.

The Rimshots – a fab band that I am proud to call friends, The words, both publicly and privately meant a lot. The contribution is also appreciated,

The sinners – as I said last night sod that. You are a bunch of saints! The money I took away and will be dropping in at the hospice later totalled £400.72. With the other donations I know of the full total (including gift aid) stands at just over £4000.
There was a lot of love there last night (I don’t normally get soppy!) and a good few hugs and kisses. Even a few from the ladies!

Today I am hobbling but happy – thank you all.

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