I appreciate many of you will be wondering how we got on. Well, we made it.

You’ll all have noticed recently I have been very positive. That deserted me halfway through Elf on Christmas eve, as we got to the point where Christmas really kicked into gear – leaving treats out for Santa (I forgot to get any mince pies or carrots) and where we would have been trying to smuggle in presents and distribute them appropriately, while closely monitoring the boys for sleep.

The day started similar to our normal plans. They could unwrap anything that had been left in their rooms, but we had to have breakfast before the living room doors could be opened.

All through this was rather subdued as Susanne’s absence was unmissable. Her excitement was normally palbable as the boys unwrapped their presents, and she wondered what surprises I had in store for her.

Both boys seemed reasonably pleased with their haul this year.

I then got the technodad job of setting up the new WII-U and integrating it with everything.

From there the day changed a little. Recently everyone has been round to ours, but I asked the boys what they wanted to do. Susanne’s parents came round late morning, and then when they left we headed up to my parent’s.

Regardless of the weather, it was rather a wet Christmas for us.

Reece in particular was clearly missing Susanne. He has a habit of claiming “it’s the worst day ever” when the slightest thing doesn’t go his way. I have always tried to persuade him otherwise. When getting ready for the bath at my mums, he described it as the worst Christmas ever. I could do nothing other than agree with him, and we were in a ball together in the hall.

Reece is now on Minecraft Story mode on the XBox, and later we are off to our boxing day bash. The journey will be accompanied by the Yarbirds and The Rolling Stones. Tomorrow will be quiet as I give the boys a chance to play with their presents, and try to persuade them to put some away.

Monday I am expecting carnage as Reece’s friend comes over to stay, then Wednesday a bunch of Robert’s friends are around. I think I am looking forwards to work next week for a rest!

Feeling Better

As I think back over my mood for the last few weeks (I can be very self analytical!) I can see a turning point where I think I started to feel better. And I think someone needs a note of thanks. He’ll probably be a tad embarrassed by this, but why not?
The turning point? When I was nominated for the seven in seven. It didn’t so much reignite my love for music or anything like that, but the thinking through the seven songs reminded me just how much I get from music. Since then there has been much more music around the house. As type I have a little Merrill E Moore going – ace piano boogie, and I was privileged to see him live back in 1998.
Anyway, for that innocuous nudge Thank you Steven Cumbo.

My 50th Birthday

Eek! Facebook tells me its 154 comments. Thank you all – it has helped brighten my day significantly, even if it felt like I spent the whole morning liking them all. Apologies if I didn’t like your particular greeting – they were coming thick and fast so one or two may have got through!

To say I wasn’t particularly looking forwards would be your standard English understatement, at Olympic standard. You all know the year I have had, and that I’ll be glad to see that back of it.

That said, it’s not been too bad considering I was expecting to be a gibbering wreck. I’ve had a couple of moments, but I can see them coming a lot better.

We went out for a Spanish meal last night – my mum booked it and kept the destination secret. That was quite amusing as I had to drive there, and mum hadn’t been before so she didn’t know where we were going either. We got there eventually though!

Quite a nice variety of dishes and an incredibly sweet desert – must have had a whole bag of sugar in it!

When I got home there was a balloon tied to the door knocker, and a card through the door. When I opened it this morning it was from all my neighbours. I have fab neighbours. You can tell I live in the north 

I had planned to head into Manchester or the markets today, but the hobble made me reconsider it, and I decided not to. So instead I spent the day tidying a little more – Hey do I know how to party? A little music helped somewhat!

There’s a few more black bags to go soon.

I’ll probably have a couple of visitors over the next few days, but the first Christmas visitors proper are planned for next Wednesday – one of Reece’s friends is popping round for the evening. I need to try to persuade Reece to tidy his room a little more yet, and a few of Robert’s friends are here the week after. I see more tidying in my immediate future!

This evening was the boys’ swimming lessons (That’s why we went out last night) so was the simple pasty tea with my parents. My brothers came up for cake afterwards.

I have a couple of new CDs starting to fill a couple of gaps I noticed in my recent cataloging, A couple of cycling related books, including Geraint Thomas’s book, a magazine subscription and some nice bottle cages to help dress up my best bike. They’ll be fitted by lunchtime tomorrow 

Overall, it has been quite a lot better than I expected.

Anyway, I have been quite a lot brighter than I was expecting, so I think I am turning a corner, ready to start the new year.

First night out without Susanne

Those of you I mentioned it to beforehand will know I felt more than a hint of trepidation. My first proper, planned night out in a VERY long time, and it was to our favourite rock n roll club and with our favourite band.

I was concerned it may have been a little overwhelming, knowing it was a sellout as well, but everyone was fab – it it a cracking club, with lots of fab people. I am not going to tag everyone I spoke to, or who hugged or kissed me, as there were so many that I’d forget someone.

Bob and Gary – you guys lead the club, so it is down to you guys. Thank you both – top blokes. The word from you on behalf of the club are much appreciated.

The Rimshots – a fab band that I am proud to call friends, The words, both publicly and privately meant a lot. The contribution is also appreciated,

The sinners – as I said last night sod that. You are a bunch of saints! The money I took away and will be dropping in at the hospice later totalled £400.72. With the other donations I know of the full total (including gift aid) stands at just over £4000.
There was a lot of love there last night (I don’t normally get soppy!) and a good few hugs and kisses. Even a few from the ladies!

Today I am hobbling but happy – thank you all.