Seven in Seven – Day Seven

I have enjoyed doing this one – thinking about various tunes that have some significance for me. Thanks for the nomination Steven Cumbo.

Given one of the comments I wondered about changing my mind about either the song, or removing some of what I was planning to say, but I am not going to let a few terrorists make me change. (Note this was just after the terrorist attack on Paris)

This is a band Susanne and I got to know quite well over the years. They have stayed at our house (before we moved) after a gig, and I ended up using the barbie to cook breakfast

When we went to Paris for Susanne’s birthday a few years ago, we had been looking for weeks to try to find something rockin’ on – we thought a major city must have something going on and had failed to find anything. On arrival we had booked to go to the Moulin Rouge, and managed to get tickets to see Harry Connick Jr (We only found out he was on when we got there).

We were out seeing the sights. I think we had been at Notre Dame, and I suggested heading up to have a look at the Sacre Coeur. Susanne pulled her face a little but I said we should get the headline touristy stuff done, then we can explore better should we go back. While wandering around the area we passed a café and noticed a sign in the window advertising The Rimshots. A closer look and they were playing the one free night we still had – RESULT!

So, we went up to see them. Not knowing the timings of Parisien gigs like that, we were there before the band. We got a drink and were just seeing if we saw anyone we knew, and the band arrived. John spotted us and there was a loud “What the F*** are you two doing here?”

Anyway for the track. They have lots of really good material of their own, but they also have a liking for Hank Williams. With the dedication on the start of this (it was just after Susanne was first diagnosed) I couldn’t pick anything else – could I.

The Rimshots – Ramblin’ Man

I can settle do-own and be doing just fine…

I nominate Gray Prentice, Helen Allmark, Mike Cater – seven tracks that mean something, or just get you up on the dance floor or whatever. I look forward to your choices.



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