Seven in Seven – Day Six

Penultimate day.

This is my Lemmy moment.

“What’s a Lemmy moment?” I hear you ask. Well I heard that on a show where he was going through his top ten he included one of his own songs. We expect people to be all modest and self deprecating and the interviewer pulled him up on this. His response was along the lines of “Look, I’m a musician. If I don’t like what I am doing, and don’t think its any good what am I doing it for?”

So, this track is from one of my bands. I have two main bands that I have some recordings of. I was close to using the more recent band, but I decided to go with my older band. This band dates really from the 80s through to the early 90s, with a brief (one night only) reunion for a friend’s 40th a few years later. I have a recording of that gig. Given we had not played together for about ten years, and only had three or four rehearsals we did OK, including one song that has about five key changes!

We struggled a little as there was a Manchester band doing very similar material (50’s flyers) who were better known than we were. No matter how we tried to learn something they didn’t do, we’d turn up at one of their gigs and hear our new material! Our guitarist Ste even commented once that we even made the same mistakes in the same songs!

What we had, that we really didn’t use enough – we should have pushed this and based most of the set around it – was two brothers that sang. I don’t know why, but there seems to be something about brothers singing harmonies that works really well.

The track I have chosen is a song that was a band composition. It was recorded in Westhoughton – I think we all currently live within about Two miles or so of the studio.

Pink & Black – paradise.

Thanks to Joe Kelly for the pic used

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