Seven in Seven – Day Five

Day five of seven. You can relax soon after today only two more to go

I struggled a little on this one. I wanted to get away from the rockin’ stuff, but also I wanted to have something that I don’t associate as much with Susanne. You all now know abut my main musical “home” and you know about Susanne.

I was looking at something from Marc Almond/Soft cell, I was looking at classical music, maybe something from Joy Division or The Buzzocks, but I decided to go with a song that takes me back to my teens.

I was sixteen, and in my first band – Split Gizzard. It was mainly lads I was a school with and my brother on drums . I think we only played one gig, and that place is now a Spar store.

We did a right old mixed bag – Stiff Little Fingers, Survivor, UFO, The Meteors (apologies to those who had to put up with my vocal), Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and this.

I also remember getting up and playing this with a band in a pub. I was rather tipsy, and just as I was strapping the bass on, the bassist in a throwaway remark said something like “by the way, we do it in C” So I am playing with a band I don’t know, and I am having to transpose on the fly…

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

All day long I think of things, but nothing seems to satisfy…

Does anyone else find it amusing that in the Iron Man films, Tony Stark wears Sabbath T-Shirts almost all the time, the film shares a name with a Sabbath track, yet the music seems to be all AC/DC?

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