Seven of Seven – Day Four

Day four of seven. A slight change of planned sequence…

Brit Rock N Roll

I don’t really do brit rock n roll. By and large I think we missed the point. Rock Roll should be dangerous. Jerry Lee marrying his thirteen year old cousin and setting pianos on fire dangerous, Chuck Berry doing prison time dangerous. The American Rock N Roll has more of an edge – we cleaned it up too much.

There are a few exceptions exceptions but for me there are two front runners, and I ummed and ahhed a little between them. In second Place is the Pirates and “Casting My Spell On You” with Mick Green. Without Mick Green’s influence on Wilko, Dr Feelgood may have been a little different.

Instead this guy modelled himself a little on Gene Vincent. He may not be the best singer, but that doesn’t matter too much with rock n roll – for me performance is everything. Tracks like “Right Behind You Baby” are pretty good, but his best known track is my fave bit of brit rock n roll. Later covered by The Clash on London Calling.

Brand New Cadillac – Vince Taylor and The Playboys


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