Seven in Seven – Day Two

This next song is the first proper record I bought.

I grew up listening to The Beatles as my mum is a fan. Sharing a forename with one of them is the reason I took up bass.

There are a few songs I considered including by The Beatles for various reasons – All My Loving an early one that is clearly a sixties song, then out of nowhere George comes in with a very Carl Perkins like guitar solo – showing of of his big influences. Come Together for that bass riff, She’s leaving, I saw Her Standing There, Yellow Submarine to annoy the Ringo knockers There’s just so much really good stuff to choose from.

The Beatles led to me discovering rock n roll. I heard their Rock N Roll Music album, and loved it. I then found out other people had recorded those songs before them, and wanted to hear them and was blown away by what I heard.

I can’t remember how old I was, but we had been on holiday – Teignmouth I think. I had played it almost constantly on the jukebox in the club there, and wanted my own copy when I got home.

I give you Twist And Shout.


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