Seven in Seven – Day One

Originally posted 8/11/15. I was nominated to post seven songs in seven days that mean something to me.

OK, I have been nominated by Steven for this seven in seven lark. Just seven is going to be challenging but I’ll see what I can do.
So most of you know my first love musically is rockabilly, but many of you may not know much about it. It’s a style that is very difficult to define. No matter what I say, I can think of a track that breaks the rule. It tends to be smaller lineups – 3-4 people, it tends to simplicity. It tends to not have horns (Hello Sonny Burgess!)
So I’ll start with a track from someone you will all heave at least heard songs by, even if you don’t recognise the name. Eddie Cochran. His mainstream hits include C’mon Everybody, Cut Across Shorty, Somethin’ Else and Three Steps To Heaven. He actually has rather a large back catalogue that I could pick from. I could go with Tired & Sleepy, Skinny Jim, Let’s coast awhile. I could pick something where he played guitar for someone else.
Instead I’ll go with something that’s really stripped down. All that is really on this is Eddie playing guitar & singing, and Connie Smith slapping away. Minimalist music at its’ best – Teenage Cutie


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