The Funeral

Today has been an emotional day to say the least. I could do it traditional Facebook style and start with a picture of breakfast, but I won’t.

I did have a little worry this morning that not many would turn up. A bit of a daft worry, but that’s the sort of thing you do.
The cars arrived with Susanne just before two, and as usual it took quite a long time to get people out of the house, despite everyone having been in place dressed and shoes on for twenty minutes.
The school that Susanne worked at and Reece attends is at the top of our street. The school’s tribute was awesome. They had children lining both sides of the road and all staff were outside. The flag was at half mast. That was a hard few moments – in a good way. The funeral director said it even brought a tear to his eye.
From there we headed to the crematorium. The car park looked rather full, but they don’t exactly allocate areas so they could have been for the appointment before ours. As we headed up I started seeing a number of familiar faces. I was happy we wouldn’t be pea-in-a drum mode. We were a little shielded from seeing actual numbers as we went round. My brothers helped carry Susanne and I followed with the boys, everyone else following behind. I was aware that there were a few people at the sides but being at the front I couldn’t really see.
Deirdre led a fabulous service for us, and I stood to say a few words. It was only as I turned round at the podium I got a view of the turnout, and had a little moment at it being standing room only, with I understand people stood outside. I’d guess there were the best part of two hundred there for her. The number of people that joined the Safari for Susanne was truly humbling. I had a little moment.
After the service, we headed outside, and I had a chance to greet people – the number of people there and some of the distances travelled rather overwhelmed me.
It got a little busy back at the cricket club – I tried to get round people, but there were a number of people I didn’t get to speak to. I can only apologise, Had we stayed till ten, it may still have been difficult.
Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed today. The turnout of people was just fabulous. All of them talking about Susanne with affection. All of them sharing memories.
I am immensely proud of Robert and Reece. It was a difficult day for them.
I did have a book that I was hoping people could add memories of Susanne to – some way she touched them, or some way she made you laugh. It was a little too busy to try to do anything with that. If anyone has such a tale they would like to share, please let me have it – email or on a bit of paper are best but anything will do, and I can add it to the book for the boys.
Thank you all that managed to make is such a special day for Susanne. Those that made it, those that sent messages.
It was a fitting send off.

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