Our Song

I have this habit of linking all sorts to songs. A short phrase will bring a question or piece of music to mind. Mostly it is rather frivolous. Susanne could tell when something had popped into my head, and could especially see the struggle when I knew it was inappropriate but it was still bursting to get out.

An example is Robert recently mentioned a school friend with the surname Eccles. I immediately wondered if said friend had a sister called Jennifer, and if Jennifer had someone who loved her.
Anyway, when we were first courting, Susanne was going away on holiday with her parents. What other song could spring to mind than this? I got hold of a copy and gave it to her the last night we were out before she was to go. I even have the picture in my mind that it was in the car park at La Scala in Westhoughton where I handed it to her.

You Belong To Me – The Duprees

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